This is a shoot we offer the day after or a few days following your wedding day. Other names for it are 'drown the gown.'
This is where you either wear your 'original' wedding dress and as you won't ever be wearing it again you can have some fun especially in Cyprus 'trashing your dress'.
However, some brides getting married abroad decide to hold a wedding reception back home for those friends and family that could not come over to Cyprus so they wish to wear their wedding dress again.  

Depending on the style of wedding dress many brides have them cleaned after the shoot. But if you are unsure or nervous about this it's not a problem you can either hire a dress here or buy an inexpensive one back home and bring it with you. Below are 2 examples of a shoot - great fun! You can book us even if we didn't photograph your wedding day!

Carla & Shaun


Zaira & Tyrone